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Experience the premier manufacturer of custom elevators.

Residential Elevators are becoming very popular.  Custom home elevators and light commercial elevators are our specialty. We manufacture, install, and service custom elevators. We directly service our local Ontario market, as well as a Canada and USA full dealer network.  With 25 years of experience and the most advanced in product and service we pride ourselves on the caliber of both our company and our clientele.  Whether a home owner, a builder, an architect, or an elevator dealer contact us for full details of how Cambridge Elevating can rise above your expectations.

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Cambridge Elevating Featured on Daily Planet

What is a home elevator, how does it work, is it safe? Cambridge Elevating was featured on Daily Planet installing a residential elevator. Alan Nursal works with Cambridge Elevating’s Derek Moorse on this great video on home elevating!


Cambridge Elevating features the very latest in technology and design.  We bring these elements forward in our entire product lineup.  Below are examples of our various models, click on any of the below pictures to see profiles of our various product solutions.